Worldwide Solutions, Personal Service

Kesco’s global network includes experienced agents and warehouses in key global shipping gateways around the world. Our customers can expect consistent service and commitment  -- everywhere from our headquarters in New York City, USA to locations in China and S.E. Asia, as well as Europe and the Middle East.

We work hard to build and nurture the types of partnerships that result in the best service to our customers. The standards we set for Kesco always apply to partners, too – this includes all the details that impact the service customer get from us – from the technology they use, to how facilities are managed, and the training their employees receive.

We Are In This Together For the Long Haul

Kesco understands the value you place on your logistics service providers is only as great as the added value we can provide to your supply chain.

Our priority is to always provide you with the precise solutions your supply chain needs, one that makes the best use of our expertise, our people, and our network.