From the moment we opened our doors in 1989, we’ve been focused on delivering a personal touch to each of our clients. Starting as a traditional freight forwarder, Kesco has smartly grown to offer more services and value to each shipment.


As more companies consolidate and more automation takes hold, we’re still dedicated to knowing our clients by name. Our adaptability and the options we provide allow us to operate with the highest value, while reinforcing how much personal relationships matter. Since 1989 the Kesco Group has been dedicated to serving present and future customers by consistently delivering the most responsive, cost effective and comprehensive package of international logistics services.

Through continuing reinvestment in our state-of-the-art information systems, upgrading facilities and equipment by expanding our geographic coverage, Kesco aims to remain in the vanguard of global logistics providers. When you partner with Kesco, you won’t be given choices A, B, or C. You’ll be given a tailor-made logistics program created exclusively for your company, designed to drive down costs—and stress.
Every step of the way, our dedicated team of experts will be there to guide you through the supply chain process, monitoring your account day in and day out. Reacting to the slightest shift in circumstances, we proactively search for new, more effective methods so you don’t have to.
Nothing means more to us than our partnerships. It’s why we strive to offer the industry’s most personalized service, and invest in new means to support our clients’ growth.